Young Pioneers Network Presents A Focus on Africa: The Ghana Edition

Finding Fela! Sounds of the tribes – Vol.2

TribeDiaspore are hosting a tribute charity event for the world-renowned Nigerian musician and activist, Fela Kuti

All profits from the event will go to the TheatrePeckham charity. Purchase your tickets here.

Witty Careers: The Idea Hack at EY 

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Disunomics Live

#DISUNOMICS is an economics podcast dedicated to making economics relevant, relatable and entertaining to the average person. From explaining what exchange rates are and how they can impact your trip to Miami to using economic principles to explain why Kim Kardashian rightfully out earns soldiers and nurses, everything that has us debating is covered. Purchase your tickets here.

SU 54: Africa Tech 

Passionate about Africa? It’s the diaspora in partnership with entrepreneurs on the ground who hold the keys to Africa’s growth. We’re announcing our next event: Startup 54: Africa Tech. Sign up here.