African Inspired Holiday Lookbook

African Inspired Holiday Lookbook

For my girls trip this summer I wanted to bring along some African inspired pieces from some of my favourite brands. It wasn’t difficult though as so many have become my regular go-to’s! Here, I’ve picked my favourites for the holiday season:

Ashanti Swimwear‘Ama’

I finally got the chance to rock my Ashanti Swimwear piece on this trip! I’ve been a fan of the brand since I sat down with co-Founder Yasmeen Opare- Moore last year to hear her story and business journey so far.

I loved the gold bead and tassel detail on The ‘Ama’ 2 piece which really complimented the classic kente print. This piece is 100% waterproof too so great if you’re looking to dip in the pool/sea.

“AMA – The Akan name for our Saturday born Queens. The main pattern used for the ‘AMA’ kente pattern is ‘Apremo-Canon’ which is associated with resistance against foreign domination as Ghanaians had to fight for their freedom.”

A staple piece if you’re looking for something West African inspired, use my code ‘annetteabena’ for an extra 10% off SALE!

Bespoke Binny – Tote Bag

I’ve been a fan of Bespoke Binny for a while (check out my Bespoke Binny cushion cover review here) as I love the creativity of the brand – from passport holders to lampshades and aprons – Bespoke Binny makes it easy to add some African inspiration to your everyday life.

I opted for the extra large Black and White Hexagon Tote bag for my trip. My highlights are definitely the quality and size of this beach bag (It could fit everything with enough space to spare). Also, emphasis on quality as the material along with its woven bottom ensured it stayed durable and stylish on the beach.

My tote bag was delivered with a cute and very personal book of African proverbs and other feel-good quotes too…

“If you think you are too small to make a difference you haven’t spent the night with a mosquito” African proverb courtesy of Bespoke Binny

Lonam Jewellery – ‘Starlight earrings

The Lonam Jewellery collection is my Adinkra inspired jewellery go-to.  Traditional Adinkra symbols originate from Ghana with each symbol holding a unique meaning worn to represent the traits and strengths of the wearer as well as messages of wisdom and everyday life.

The elegant silver finish of the Starlight earrings made them perfect for my holiday nights. This piece uses the Nsoromma adinkra symbol. It’s a symbol of guardianship and a reminder that God watches over everyone.


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Beautella’s Boutique – Nubian Queen

I get so many compliments whenever I wear my Beautella’s Boutique button earrings. For my holiday I opted for the ‘Nubian Queen’ earrings. As well as its name and rich colours, the woven material reminded me of traditional Kente cloth worn by royals and on special occasions. These earrings were perfect for when I wanted to add a pop of colour day or night.

Make sure you check out the rest of the Beautella’s Boutique collection of button earrings and matching headscarves too!

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What are your favourites? Do you have any African inspired summer go-to’s? Let me know! Comment below


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